Firearm, Concealed Carry, & Defensive Training from Beginner to Advanced

Concealed Weapon Class

Want to get your Concealed Carry Permit? Then this is the class you want to start with.

Exceeds all legal requirements to apply for your CCW permit in the state of Florida.

Covers the following topics:

  • Sample_CCWBasic Firearm Handling and Safety
  • Basic Firearm Skills
  • Firearm and Self Defense Laws
  • Choosing the Proper Gun for You
  • Where Can and Cannot Carry
  • Ways to Carry
  • When you can Display your Gun
  • When you can Fire your Gun
  • What to do after you Pull the Trigger

Don’t sign up for for a class that just meets minimum requirements by firing 2 rounds, your safety is worth more then that! Our class not only gives you the info you needs but includes hands on firearms instructions at the range with one of our firearms, or bring your own.