Firearm, Concealed Carry, & Defensive Training from Beginner to Advanced

Women, Couples, and Private Classes

At Vero Firearm Academy we feel a relaxing environment is a key part of learning a new skill, with that in mind we offer some of our courses as special Women Only or Couples Only format for students who would feel more comfortable this way.

Women Only – This is the testosterone free version of our classes available for women only, sorry guys!

Couples Only – Come with your spouse or partner to a class that consists only of couples, instructors will always team you up with your partner for group activities.

Private Classes – Want to take a Concealed Weapon Class but hate the idea of sitting in a classroom with a bunch of strangers? Why not host a class for your friends and family in your own home, your employees at your office, or we can come to your club!
We will help you arrange your class and come to you, minimum of 4 students, 6 guests and you get half off, 10 guests and your class is free!